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Great Tastes Food & Wine Pavilion at the Expo

Chef Erin Rowe

Chef Erin Rowe was raised in charming Siloam Springs and calls the hills of Northwest Arkansas home. She attended Maui Culinary Academy but mostly learned by trial and error, cooking her way through the infamous Joy of Cooking. She first wrote about food penning restaurant reviews for Maui No Ka “Oi magazine. When not catering house parties and cooking for her adventurous husband, Alex, she can be found eating basil pesto, collecting passport stamps or reading through a British classic over a good cup of coffee.

A true native of the Ozarks, chef and author Erin Rowe, recalls the oft-forgotten culinary traditions and people she discovered in writing her latest book, An Ozark Culinary History. Understanding true flavors of High South Cuisine through forest, farm and table, she continues to influence the food community through restaurant consulting, cooking classes, culinary lectures & menu creation for local franchises.

You can order Erin’s book, An Ozark Culinary History, on Amazon:

Meet Chef Erin Rowe at our Chef’s Kitchen Satge on Saturday and Sunday

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