Scentsy will be in Booth #343 at the Colorado Springs Women’s Expo With A Cause on Nov 7-8, 2020

Come see me at the Expo! You might not recognize me with my mask but you’ll recognize the Scentsy!!!
What is Scentsy?
Many people ask what is scentsy and why we are different? Let me explain. Scentsy is a safe flameless alternative to scented candles…and much more! The concept is beautiful electric wax warmers using a heating element or a low watt lightbulb to warm our beautifully scented wax in a dish. We have over 80 different scents of wax bars, made from a good grade paraffin wax, specially formulated for us for its firmness and scent loading abilities.our bars contain over 40% more fragranced oil then our leading competitors. We also have a whole range of products for your car, wardrobe, laundry, soft toys and diffusers and much more!

Website: https://kas.scentsy.us
Facebook Business Page: https://www.facebook.com/MoreThanWax