Winnie Waggle’s Bakery and Boutique

Winnie Waggle’s Bakery and Boutique will be at the NWA Women’s Expo With a Cause on April 24-25, 2021

Visit Booth #711 for dog bandanas, bows, bowties, paw balm and dog treats – for dogs.

Also we will have dog mom bracelets, keychains and tshirts – for humans

WIN A DRAWING  for a free dog bandana each day!

About Winnie Waggle’s
Not too long ago in a town called Centerton there lived a woman named Carol. Carol had moved far from home to the beautiful hills of Arkansas. Carol’s days were filled with love and laughter but she has always dreamed of having a Goldendoodle. After searching high and low, she finally found the one she’s been looking for and named her Winnie.

Winnie brought so much joy to everyone she met. She was fun, energetic and full of life, stealing hearts wherever she went.
Winnie’s mama loved to craft and bake and create. Winnie looked in with a watchful eye as her mom made delicious treats and crafted beautiful things. She was always by her mom’s side.
Wanting to share with her sweet girl, Carol began to research healthy, wholesome treats and look for fun prints to sew into bandanas for Winnie. Winnie enjoyed looking stylish and loved the yummy treats so much that she wanted to share with other dogs who were loved as much as her.

And so, that’s how Winnie Waggle’s Bakery and Boutique was born, from the love of a dog mom and her fur baby who wanted to share the joy they create!


Join us at the NWA Women’s Expo With Cause
April 24-25, 2021 – SAT 10am-5pm, SUN 11am-4pm
NWA Convention Center, Springdale AR
Shop. Sip. Sample and Join The Fun!
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