Welcome to the Tulsa 2011 Women's Living Expo

A Valentines Expo! February 11th-13th, 2011
At Expo Square's Quik Trip Center Upper Level Friday 10am - 6pm
Tulsa, Oklahoma Saturday 10-am - 6pm
$3 Admission at door Sunday 11am - 5pm
  Information for Exhibitors  
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  Women's Living Expo Exhibitor Kit and Welcome Message
Expo Hotel
The Radisson Hotel Tulsa is located at 10918 East 41st Street, Tulsa, with easy access to Highways 169 and 51, and conveniently located within six miles from the Tulsa Expo Square
Special preferred rate:
$67.00 One King Bed or Two Queen Beds
For reservation
s call the Hotel direct at
(918) 627-5000 cshouse@radissontulsa.com
Expo Printer
Arcadia Printing
Arcadia Printing of Tulsa
7039 East 40th Street
Tulsa, OK 74145
PH: 918-622-1875
FAX: 918-622-6374
  Our exhibitor kit document has all the info you need to setup your booth space at the expo. Please download, print and read.
WLEXPO Exhibitor Kit - Please download, print and read
  Advance Ticket Order Form  - Exhibitors can Save on books of ten Admmission Tickets  
  Food Sanitation and Safety Guidelines - For all Beverage & Food Exhibitors  
  Electrical Order Form - Print and return by mail or fax to Women's Living Expo.  
  Expo Square Services
Communication services provided by the Expo Center. Print and return to Expo Square.
Telephone Order Form
Water service for Booth (Pre-order by Jan 7th.)
Forklift Service on Move-In (For move-in day use, pre-order by Jan 7th.)
Wireless Internet/WIFI is now available at no charge at Expo Square.
  Decorator Services Order Forms  
  Our Expo Decorator, Event1, is providing the following Services to Exhibitors:  (see form for costs)
Submit forms to Event1 - All Forms should be pre-ordered, costs will increase for expo floor orders.
Form #1 - Standard Expo Services -  Extra Tables, Booth Furniture, Carpet, Cleaning Services, Audio-Visual Equipment, Sign Hanging Labor and Custom Booth Banners (14 pages).
Form #2 - Advanced Expo Display Services - Booth Display Design and Production, Pop-up Displays, Counters, Literature Racks, Custom Hanging Displays and Signs, Custom Graphics, Banners and Signs, Flex Display Stands and more!
Form #2 - Advance Freight - Shipping and Labor, Advance Shipping and Dryage Forms, Shipping Labels
  Booth Layouts  

Booth Setup

Booth Diagrams

In-line Booths
One side exposed, usually 10ft x 10ft. The back wall is 8ft High, with 3ft High side drapes. A maximum height of 8ft is allowed in the back of the booth, the height restriction in the front half to the aisle is 4ft.
Corner Booths
Corners are exposed to aisles on two sides

End Cap Booths
End cap booths are 10ft x 20ft and are exposed on 3 sides. A maximum back height is 8ft extending to within 5ft of any aisle. A 4ft height restriction is in effect within 5ft deep from any ailse.

Showcase Diagrams
Peninsula Showcase
A 20ft x 20ft Showcase with one back wall shared with other booth space. These showcases have a height restriction to 10ft in the back center to 5ft from any aisle. Height is restricted to 4ft along all aisles to 5ft inside booth space from ailse.
Island Showcase
Exposed to aisles on all four sides, the entire space can be used up to building allowed maximum height.

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