Exhibitors Kit
Expo Hotel
Holiday Inn & Suites
Convention Center
10920 Nall Avenue
Overland Park, KS 66211
913-312-5991 phone
913-312-5992 fax
One block from convention center!
Special $79 Room rate, use group code "WLE"

Complete StaffServices
a division of One Source Labor is providing temporary staff for our Expo. 
Exhibitors who need extra booth staff can call
Rosa Izurieta
Women's Living Expo Exhibitors Kit
Download our WLExpo Exhibitor's KIT
Move-In is Friday, 9:00am to 8:00pm.  Exhibitors are allowed to carry in their own display items/materials, you will need to provide your own carts or hand trucks, these are not provided by the building.
Advance Ticket Order Form - Bulk discounted tickets order form for Exhibitors
Food & Beverage Sampling
All exhibitors sampling food or beverages must fill out the form below,
Due December 21, 2012
WLExpo Food & Beverage Sampling Form
Samples must not be greater than 2 ounces. All Exhibitors that are sampling other than prepackage foods will need an additional Temporary Food Service License from the City Overland Park Community Services. (Application is included in the link above) Exhibitors sampling prepackage foods such as chips or candy bars do not need an additional temporary food service license.
Building Services
The Overland Park Convention Center provides utility and communication service directly to Exhibitors.   Rates are substantially less expense if you pre-order,  due 5 days in advance (by Jan 16, 2012).
Electrical, Water and Air Order Form
Internet and Telephone Service Order Form
Decorator Services
Our Expo Decorator (Official Services Contractor) is the Liberty Exposition Services, Inc located in Kansas City, MO.  Please use the services for below to order standard expo services such as carpeting, extra tables and chairs, expo labor, advance shipping & material handling.  Deadline for discount pricing is Jan 13, 2012
Liberty Standard Services Order Form - (12 pages, w/commonly used forms)

Liberty Decoration also offers premium display components and materials, use their full catalog to order advanced items.  Liberty Full Services Catalog - (37 pages)
Booth Layouts
Booth Diagrams

In-line Booths
One side exposed, usually 10ftx10ft. The back wall is 8ftH, with 3ft side drapes. The maximum height of 8ft is only allowed in the back of the booth, the height restriction in the front half to the aisle is 4ft.
Corner Booths
Corners are exposed to aisles on two sides
End Cap Booths
End cap booths are 10ftx20ft and are exposed on 3 sides. A maximum back height is 8ft extending to within 5ft of any aisle. A 4ft height restriction is in effect within 5ft deep from any ailse.
Showcase Diagrams
Peninsula Showcase
A 20ftx20ft Showcase with one back wall shared with other booth space. These showcases have a height restriction to 10ft in the back center to 5' from any aisle. Height is restricted to 4ft along all aisles to 5ft inside booth space from ailse.
Island Showcase
Exposed to aisles on all four sides, the entire space can be used up to building allowed maximum height.
Women's Living Expos - Donnell Productions
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Fax: 203.259.3354
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 The Kansas City Women's Living Expo Saturday10-am - 6pm  
  Jan 21-22, 2012  at the Overland Park Convention CenterAdmission $5 - ($4 with coupon)Sunday 11am - 5pm